Dream Wedding at Tinecz – Reserve now our Wedding Hall!

Wedding is one of the most important events a couple’s life. Every man dreams, at a given time in life, to found a family, to settle down, how the old saying goes. Well, the wedding can be considered a serious start for all of these things.

And a dream wedding is the ideal that all people dream for. A successful wedding always starts with the atmosphere. The place where the wedding takes place, the music, the decorations, but the menus and the guests’ attitude as well, all of these influence the final result.

We know that you always want to choose a representative place for the party that celebrates the union of your destinies, so that at Tinecz, within a special setting that emphasises the tradition joined with modernism, we can offer you the perfect location for this moment of your life.

The Tinecz Wedding Hall – a fairy tale setting for your wedding

The Tinecz Wedding Hall can host you a wedding just like in fairy tales. A place with tradition, with a prolonged history of over 2 decades and with carefully crafted dishes, after the taste and good cheer of the Romanian people, Tinecz can greet you with a tender setting that renders with maximum accuracy the beauty of the vintage style. The grand finesse accessorizing with mirrors and chandeliers will carry your guests on waves of fairy tale, offering them a place where they can joyfully spend by your side the most important day of your life.

Peace, tasty menus, original setting and the kindness of the staff are characteristics that have never left the premises of the Tinecz Restaurant. As far back as the year of 1996 we greet you both in our event hall as well as in our restaurant with elegance and hospitality.

Known as one of the most beautiful wedding halls in Timisoara

The shades of the colour scheme, modern architecture and massive furniture bring our event hall the honour of being one of the most beautiful wedding halls in Timisoara. This hall can represent the ideal choice for a wedding that wants to express sophistication and good taste.

The simplicity and originality of the setting will host the festive event, and the hall will forever wear in its memory every one of the unforgettable that took place at Tinecz.

Contact us right now to convince yourselves. You can come and visit the event hall or you can contact us to receive a personalized offer regarding the organisation of your event within the Tinecz wedding hall!

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