Case Study – How much do Romanians spend on a meal at a restaurant?

A study of the European Institute of Statistics, Eurostat, concludes the fact that Romanians spend the highest percentage of their income on food. Approximately 27.9% of a family’s money is found in the grocery basket. However, our food longing people are on the last places in Europe when it comes to dining out at a restaurant.

In view with the percentage of the Romanians that spend their money in coffee shops or restaurants, we find with stupor that we are at the bottom of Europe. Only 1.1% of the Romanians eats frequently at a restaurant or drinks their coffee on a terrace. On the opposite, Spanish people are comfortable and allocate 14.6% of their income towards spending on food cooked at a restaurant. The EU average is of approximately 6.8%.

How much do Romanians spend on a meal at a restaurant?

Another study made by the Polish chain of restaurants, Gusto Dominium, proves that the Romanian people spend on average 60RON per order when they go out at a restaurant. When it comes to an order for delivery the sum gets smaller with approximately 15RON.

Reporting ourselves to fast-food type of food, the expenses decrease, but the number of orders increases significantly. A Romanian that works 8 hours a day in an office makes an order of around      22RON. To a monthly calculated total, it turns out that Romanians spend approximately 500RON. This sum usually includes the lunch (the only one that’s taken out or via an order).

The sums highlighted in this study are not extremely high, but reporting us to the total expenses of the Romanian people, we find out, with wonder, that the sum goes above 2 billion RON a year.

Romanians eat 2 billion RON a year. McDonald’s swallows over 30% of this number

Restaurant sales are more and more thriving with every year. Fast-food chains still hold their supremacy. While the market share of a restaurant is under 1% (because restaurants are local businesses), the leaders of the market swallow between 20 – 40% of these sums (the accumulated numbers of KFC and McDonald’s totalling 1 billion RON).

The most expensive orders – pre-cooked food within Romanian restaurants

However, there are restaurants in which Romanians leave half of their paycheque. For example, fancy restaurants in the old town of big cities can draw out of the Romanians wallet up to 340RON for a simple meal.

A side of meat (exotic varieties – bison or Wagyu beef) can go as high as 200 – 240 RON for a 300gr. side. Therefore, an order for a dinner for two people, can reach, within this kind of restaurants, even up to 700 – 1000RON, but only if this include the beverages and the desserts.

How much are you willing out to spend on a meal out? How much do you spend for a meal at a restaurant?

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