Romanian Menus like my dear old mother makes

When was the last time you’ve tasted roast pork? A steak or a fresh chicken-fried stake… or a loin of pork. You can try all of these plus a variety of Romanian menus, in our restaurant, at Tinecz.

You can show good taste and you can gladly serve a side of sirloin, within a traditional setting, a Romanian restaurant. The pork head meat or the pork chop you can taste at our location will prepare your taste buds for an extravagant invasion of tastes, cooked by our master chefs, the Tinecz master chefs.

Chicken Breast Preparations

Over 15 chicken breast preparations wait for you in our menu. All of them out of fresh chicken breast, thought-out of old, by the master chefs of the age. Traditional dishes that wear within their taste the entire fortune and culinary legacy of Romania.

We don’t hesitate to add originality to the menus, so that at our restaurant you will have the chance to taste the chicken breast in sour cherry gravy and the chicken breast with peach. Also, the wine sauce won’t be out of the menu.

Pork Meat Preparations

A side of “tochitură haiducească” (veal) or a pork chop can fill your table at Tinecz, and the cordon bleu and Parisian chop can join them. In this category you can also add and try more exotic dishes, such as Normandy chop or the Hawaii Steak side.

Vegan Menus

How do you like vegetable soup, bean soup or the salads? Our restaurant doesn’t make any gastronomic discrimination. The vegan menus are waiting for you. Alongside these you can also try the potatoes and onion pastas, meatballs (the Romanian “sarmale”) with mushrooms or the chestnut puree.

Over 15 dishes for vegetarians wait for their turn to be on the tables of our restaurant.

At the Tinecz Restaurant you can also try lamb dishes. The meatloaf, soup and pot lamb steak are the goodies that wait for you on the table. Alongside these, you can try the cold snacks or the desserts that will make you want to come back every time in our restaurant.

Fish menus, garnish, diverse plateaus and many other goodies – you can find all of these in our menu. We are waiting for you with a side of warm soup or with the four specialties of chowder. Also don’t forget to try the house specialty as well. In this category you can find seven unique menus, cooked after a personal recipe, with fresh ingredients, carefully selected and with respect for the Romanian gastronomic tradition.

Bon appetite!

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