10 Reasons for which you’ll choose Tinecz Restaurant!

Whether you want to spoil your partner by taking them out, on a romantic dinner, or maybe you’ve just had enough of pre-cooked food and you want to taste some of the traditional Romanian dishes, or from any other reasons, be it the lack of time you should be spending in the kitchen, cooking, choosing to eat out at a restaurant, at least once every couple of weeks, is almost unavoidable.

And that table you will be eating at can’t be reserved anywhere if you really want it to be a pleasant memory. You have to carefully choose a restaurant to have a hearty, healthy and delicious meal.

We aren’t saying that we know them all, but we want to tell you that we know for sure at least 10 reasons for you to choose Tinecz. Therefore we thought we should tell them to you today, in the lines that follow.

10 Reasons for which you’ll choose Tinecz Restaurant!

  1. Who wouldn’t prefer a delicious table one step away from the town centre? You are close to all of the objectives, one easy step away from the heart of the city, from the point from which you can reach any other location in the easiest way possible.
  2. At Tinecz, the real Romanian tradition awaits for you in one single plate. All of the tastes, all of the Romanians’ culinary magic, you can try them by ordering any of the Tinecz menus.
  3. Diversity is at its home, since we’re talking about the menus. The “Today’s Menu” section tempts you tastes weekly, every time with different goodies. The recipes are competing with one another, and our chefs discover new ways of satisfying you and your tastes daily.
  4. Servings not too big and not too small await you only here. Have you ever had the sensation, the feeling that you don’t get filled up right after you have finished a menu? Well, at Tinecz this won’t happen. But you also won’t be forced to eat in order to finish your plate. We know what you like and how much you like of it, so that we are always waiting for you, with the perfect serving.
  5. Hospitality is one of the Tinecz’s Restaurant visit cards. The employees’ common sense is an innate feature of the Tinecz brand. Join us to be persuaded!
  6. Do you have an important event in your life? Whether it’s about corporate events for a successful career, or we bring ahead the most beautiful days of your personal life, Tinecz is the perfect choice for your event. Discover here why.
  7. Over 6000 people have chosen to follow us. Of course, not all of them could fit the entire place at once in order to prove this, but we assure you that every time you will choose to camp at us, the number of people inside will confirm you the quality and professionalism; you know that saying “Where’s good cheer, all the people gather”.
  8. Over 2 decades speak for us. Just imagine how many plateaus and plates with good food found their perfection on the tables of our restaurant. And from plate to plate we can proudly say that we have got better. You wishes already have a tradition within the Tinecz Restaurant. Over 2 decades of experience in feeding your soul with magical tastes and in settling down your hunger tell a lot about us.
  9. Delivery home or at the office? As simple as that. Contact us at 0723.284.114 or at contact@restauranttinecz.ro and it’s done.
  10. The number 10 reason is truly special: The tenth reason for you to choose the Tinecz Restaurant is just the fact that it is a grade 10 restaurant! We invite you to convince yourself and we wish you bon appetite!

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