A romantic Dragobete dinner – Choose the Tinecz Restaurant!

The Dragobete holiday is getting closer and closer! This day of the year, full of romantic surprises, gifts and shared love is the opportune moment to show your partner how important he or she is for you.

Little surprises, romantic gesture and the flowers would perfectly season with a romantic dinner. This is the Dragobete secret, some think. But we will tell you one more, a detail that we think is truly important. The real secret is not dinning out, but the place you choose to offer your significant one this beautiful event.

Choose the Tinecz Restaurant for a romantic Dragobete dinner!

If you want this moment to truly be something special, the setting must be special. That is why we advise you to carefully choose the place where you want to surprise your significant other. For it to be something unforgettable, choose a romantic setting, a restaurant with tradition, a place that respects itself and that is known for its events and respect towards the customers.

The Tinecz Restaurant is a right choice in this respect. We represent a restaurant with tradition, a true brand on the restaurant market of Timisoara. We can offer you anytime reasons for our pride, and for you to visit us.

The respect towards customers, the love we put in our every single recipe, the romantic setting, but also the placement – all these factors make Tinecz the ideal choice for a romantic dinner.

10 reasons for you to choose us

You have your doubts regarding the reasons by which you may choose us? Throughout our history we have gathered enough information and experiences from our customers in order to make ourselves a list of reasons for which you should choose us.

We have presented it to you in one of our articles. Find here the article: 10 reasons for you to choose the Tinecz Restaurant. To convince yourself, you can always call us, and make a reservation! Contact us, make a reservation and surprise your partner on Dragobete! Show him or her that “love runs through the guts” indeed, and at Tinecz it has a special taste as well!

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