Fasting is getting closer? No problem, we invite you over for a meal. At Tinecz you can find some diet food that’s absolutely delicious. In the vegan menus category you can find an entire diversity of fasting menus. The specialists’ team of the Tinecz Restaurant therefore waits for you to take your place at the table, with a lot of goodies this time as well.

What can you eat during the fast at the Tinecz Restaurant?

If you want something consistent, even if you are fasting, at the Tinecz Restaurant you can feast out of a hearty side of walnut noodles. For only 14RON you will have before you 250g of walnut noodles, specially cooked for you to stay fed and enjoy them in peace.

If you want to also have something for the first course, a vegetable soup or a white bean soup can be the perfect choice. For only 8 or 9RON you can choose these wonderful goodies that will fill you up and make you love them.

Not even the stew can skip the menu, even if you are fasting. A side of mushroom stew with cornbread sounds good? You can enjoy it for only 19RON.

For the second course there’s also the puree, a perfect choice no matter the time of the year. While fasting, we can serve a chestnut puree, an exotic choice, full of taste, special flavours and love a la Tinecz.

You can also try the grilled vegetables, grilled mushrooms and the crispy onion rings. You can gladly serve all of these in our restaurant.

We wait for you at Tinecz with a whole delicious menu!

Fruit salads, Rumpus salad and even celery peach can be choices that wink at you in the fasting times of the year, at the Tinecz Restaurant. Therefore, when it comes to some diet food, the Tinecz Restaurant continues to be on the list of your preferences.

From now on, every time fasting is near, you mind must be thinking one thing and only one: “Let’s go out! At Tinecz some delicious fasting menus wait for us!”

What are you waiting for? Come and try now the goodies of the “vegan menus” range – perfect for the fasting time during the year!