Timisoara Wedding Hall

The event or wedding hall of the Tinecz Restaurant waits for you with a fairy-tale setting and with menus for every guest present at the event. The events are unique through their nature, but what makes them so original is the emotion of the moment, an emotion that’s intensified by the presence of your dear, loved ones who stand by your side in the most important moments of your life.

In a dream wedding, organised at the Tinecz Event Hall in Timișoara, destinies unite and family portraits that have been dispersed over the years are reunified. That is why, for you to enjoy the presence of every person that has a special place in your hearts and whom you wish to know by your side in such an important day, make sure you choose that the wedding hall allows you, first and foremost, a significant number of guests.

Wedding Halls with tradition in Timișoara

Ever since 1996, the wedding hall in Timișoara of the Tinecz Restaurant has kept itself as welcoming and hospitable as always, being the perfect choice for fancy events and sophisticated guests.

The classy furniture, out of solid wood, is highlighted through the pleasant chromatic that envelops the walls in a refined nude shade, therefore the place proves itself to be one of the most beautiful event halls in Timișoara, but also the ideal choice for the weddings that claim real class and good taste, by offering a festive and imposing setting, through the simplicity and originality of the design.

The Tinecz wedding hall in Timișoara is accessorized with mirrors and chandeliers that restore the vintage style, while the archways embodied in the hall’s architecture define the modern accessories that bring an extra bit of originality.

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